What Is Pre-Occupational Cleaning?

Pre-occupational cleaning is the cleaning and sanitising of a warehouse, indoor area, or building before it’s occupied. For instance, when you move into a new office, you expect it to be clean before you move in. You don’t want to have to think about what the previous inhabitants’ standard for cleanliness was. You want to have peace of mind that you’re moving into a clean area. Pre-occupational cleaning usually takes place just after a building has been constructed and is being prepared and fitted for occupation, or when a previously occupied place requires a detailed cleaning before new residents take over. 

What Is Included In Pre-Occupational Cleaning

Pre-occupational cleaning includes the following:

  • Floor Cleaning: 
Floor cleaning

All floors must be cleaned and vacuumed throughout the whole building or office area. If there are carpets installed, it’s recommended to have them cleaned too. Most dirt tracked into a home or building usually gets in from people walking around the area with shoes on. So even after vacuuming, there is still a fair amount of dirt and bacteria trapped within the carpet. Luckily at SweepSouth, we also offer professional carpet cleaning for your home or office, leaving your carpet free from marks or stains. 

  • Surface Cleaning: 

Surfaces throughout the entire building, including the kitchen and bathroom, must be cleaned and disinfected. This also includes areas often overlooked in daily cleanings, such as the door frames, light fixtures, switch plates, skirting boards, cupboards, and last but not least, knowing how to clean your walls.

  • Kitchen Cleaning: 

Knowing how to clean a kitchen is vital for food cleanliness and hygiene for all who visit or work in the building. This should include cleaning the stovetop, stove, and oven internally. Don’t forget to clean the inside and outside of kitchen cabinets and cupboards, as well as all other external surfaces. 

  • Bathroom cleaning: 

No one likes the idea of having to hold it in and wait until they get home because the bathroom at work is a mess. Make sure you know how to clean toilet stains, and outside the bowl and seat. The grout lines between shower tiles should also be cleaned with a grout brush dipped in bleach, followed by a rinse of hot water from the shower head. Once the steam has started to form, spray an all-purpose cleaner and allow it to mix with the steam for about 30 minutes with the bathroom door closed. Then, wipe all of the surfaces with a clean cloth, learn how to clean a mirror with the best cleaning methods, and ensure you know how to clean shower doors too. End off with the floor tiles for a sparkling result. For the bathroom and kitchen, you’ll want to be sure that the drains are also flushed out; do this by using a cup of baking soda followed by plain white vinegar.

  • Window Cleaning: 
Building window cleaning

Learn how to clean windows thoroughly so that the building leaves a good impression on all who step foot in it. Make sure you’re not only focusing on glass panels, but also the window frames and sills that are often neglected. It is in these areas that much dirt and grime usually build up over time. 


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At SweepSouth we offer pre-occupational cleaning services, so whether you’re about to move in or out, your space can be cleaned for yourself or the following residents. This can be done by yourself, but to be sure that the area is cleaned and disinfected properly, you may want to look at our cleaning services you can choose from today.

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