What Not To Buy On Black Friday

With Black Friday right around the corner boasting many deals and sales, there will be a variety for you to choose from. Stores will have the appliances, clothing, and gadgets you may have been looking at for some time. Black Friday is an exciting time for savvy shoppers in store, and even online for some stores. While there will be a host of great deals for you to choose from, there are still some items that may not be worth buying, or items that won’t be well priced during this time of big savings. These prices and savings are usually for a limited amount of time only, so if you know what to look for you’ll secure the best buys. There will also be certain items you may want to avoid buying on Black Friday. 

Here are the things not to buy during Black Friday this year. If you’re still thinking about what to buy on black Friday, then you can get some inspiration from what to buy on Black Friday and sports fashion stores to shop on Black Friday

  1. Winter clothing
  2. Fitness Equipment
  3. Gym memberships
  4. Black Friday models
  5. Gift cards

1. Winter Clothing

Winter clothes

As winter is over on this side of the hemisphere, the temperature is going up. So, it won’t be much of a deal considering you won’t be able to wear the clothes until the following year. It’s better to buy winter clothing during the winter months from May to July, or a month or two before it arrives. 

2. Fitness Equipment

Fitness equipment

Even if you find one here and there, the deals on fitness equipment during Black Friday aren’t always the best. Sports clothing is more likely to have sales on their items, but yoga mats, weights, and resistance bands aren’t likely to be priced much cheaper. If you shop for sports equipment, you’ll find better deals on these throughout the rest of the year. 

3. Gym Memberships

Gym membership

Just like fitness equipment, gym memberships are not likely to have any deals worth buying into on Black Friday. The holiday season can be quite busy, so even if you do come across a good deal, you may not get enough time to actually use it before next year. Instead of potentially wasting money, rather save it and sign a gym contract in the new year when gyms are likely to have great deals available.

4. Black Friday Models

Black Friday models

Often, you may see ads for certain items that are a Black Friday exclusive model of the particular item. These items are not always worth the buy as they may not have the same quality; they’re usually made just for the black Friday period. 

Avoid certain items, especially electronics if they are cheap and have no name brand. You may think you’re saving money when in fact you end up with a TV lacking quality. 

5. Gift Cards

Gift card

Gift Cards are a simple item that can make for great gifts during the holiday season. Gift card purchases are usually worth R50 to R250 rand, sometimes even more. The Black Friday deal will often be an offer for a free gift card worth a lesser amount when you buy a larger amount. Although you may be tempted by deals like these, it’s good to keep in mind that there’s usually an expiration date on them to look out for.


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During this period, you’ll also want to keep an eye on online stores, as many deals can be found online and will be worthy purchases. And while you may want to buy Christmas decorations, you’ll save more money waiting for Christmas clearance sales. Black Friday is not only for customers to enjoy sales, but it’s also a chance for stores to assert their loyalty towards customers. Enjoy arriving back to a clean home after your Black Friday shopping by booking one of the many trusted cleaning services SweepSouth has to offer.

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