What To Do For Christmas Eve

Christmas is an exciting and magical time. It’s the time to get together with your family and friends to make festive memories. The excitement that fills your home during Christmas eve, as your kids count down the hours until Christmas Day, cannot be recreated. If you are looking for some activities that you can do with your family on Christmas eve, why not try out some of the ones we’ve listed below? 

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Bake Festive Cookies

If you haven’t done this before, Christmas eve is the best day for baking. The kids will love being able to help you make cookies to leave for Santa Claus. Or you could try making tasty mini gingerbread houses and get your children to decorate them as they see fit. Use this gingerbread house recipe.

Play Board Games

Play board games

Board games are an enjoyable activity no matter what the occasion. Try games like Christmas Monopoly, Trivial Pursuit Family version, and 30 Seconds for a banter-filled family day. The whole family can enjoy these fun board games for the whole day.

Pin The Nose On Rudolph

This is a super fun game for kids to play. Draw or print out a picture of Rudolf then cut out a circle from a red piece of paper and pin it on the nose of Rudolph. Hang Rudolf on the wall and get your children to blindfold each other as they try to pin the nose on Rudolph. 

Open One Gift

Open one gift

If you want to designate a new tradition in your home for Christmas, it could be the tradition of giving and opening one gift on Christmas eve, instead of waiting until the next day. There could even be a rule that only a small gift can be opened so that plenty of excitement is contained for Christmas day. It’s an excellent way to get a start on the Christmas festivities. 

Look At Christmas Lights

For a perfect Christmas eve outing, take a look at some Christmas lights displays if there are any in your neighbourhood. You can also bring along snacks and listen to Christmas holiday music as you and your family enjoy the lights. 

Watch Christmas Movies

Watch Christmas movies

A Christmas eve tradition for a quiet night in is watching the same holiday movie every Christmas eve, or maybe trying a new one every year. Check out these Netflix Christmas movies that the family can enjoy. 

Spend All Day In Pajamas 

Spend the day in your PJs and have fun playing board games, eating your favourite holiday treats, making crafts, and watching holiday movies. 

Bake A Christmas Cake 

Bake a Christmas cake

Everyone can get involved in baking and decorating a festive cake that can be eaten on Christmas day. You could try peppermint fudge, gingerbread, cranberry coffee, bailey’s coffee cake, or a peppermint cheesecake.

Decorate Ornaments

Buy a pack of blank ornaments for your family to decorate, and set them up with some paint, paint brushes, colourful pens, and other tools for decorating. The ornaments can then be used as gifts for other family members, or can be used as decorations that are added to the tree or around your home.

Take Family Photos In Front Of The Christmas Tree

Take family photos in front of the Christmas tree

Family photos are a must, no matter where you are or what the occasion is. Try taking a photo in the same position every year, that way, you can keep a collection to flip through later on and see how much everyone has changed throughout the holidays. 

If you haven’t yet put it up, and you’re wondering when is a good time to put up your Christmas tree, check out our post for some tips and interesting facts. Find out how to decorate a Christmas tree the best way to make yours stand out. 


We hope this post inspired you and gave you some great ideas when thinking about what to do for Christmas eve this year. You can go for anything that you think the family will enjoy. Other ideas that you can try are decorating bedroom doors, a Christmas party, going to the cinema, and decorating Christmas stockings. Make your Christmas eve a bit more interesting and exciting by trying out one of these activities.
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