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What You Need To Know About Commercial Cleaning To Make Informed Choices

What You Need To Know About Commercial Cleaning To Make Informed Choices

Don’t overlook the importance of commercial cleaning services, as they could add heaps of productivity, and even creativity to your workday. That’s right, maybe what you’ve needed to change your mindset at work is a clean office. How do you make the right choice when looking for a commercial cleaning company?

We’re going to look at the answers surrounding this question below so that you can make the right choice for you and your team at work. Let’s look at the importance of commercial cleaning in organising and cleaning as a whole, and what it entails.

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What Is Commercial Cleaning? 

Commercial cleaning involves the cleaning of any industrial, business, or office space. The services provided in a commercial clean are usually required to be on a larger scale than that of a residential cleaning service. This type of service is also known as office cleaning or industrial cleaning, and is often required to be performed according to certain standards for health requirements. 

How does it differ from residential cleaning? The latter is provided in private homes, guest houses, and other buildings that are occupied for living instead of working purposes. 

What Are The Duties Of A Commercial Cleaner?

Most of us are aware of the duties of a residential cleaner, otherwise commonly referred to as a domestic worker, but what does a commercial cleaner do? Let’s take a look at the tasks and checklist completed by companies that offer office cleaning services below:

Why Is Commercial Cleaning Important? 

A successful business is made up of many different parts, one of those being a work environment that inspires productivity and gives the right impression to outsiders. Listed below are the reasons why commercial cleaning is important:

What Do Commercial Cleaning Services Cost?

The average cost of commercial cleaning is R5,25 per square metre in South Africa. However, rates will vary according to the size of an office building requiring cleaning, as well as the number of appliances/machines requiring cleaning, if any.


After answering these important questions that need to be asked about commercial cleaning, it’s easy to see why getting your office building cleaned regularly can only be beneficial to the health and productivity of the employees and visitors. Get in touch with SweepSouth today and enquire about a commercial cleaning service to see what we can do for you. Remember that we also offer a whole host of other expert cleaning services to meet your needs. Share this post using the icons below with those who are also looking to keep their workplace spotless and productive.

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