Where to Get the Best Halloween Decorations in South Africa

Halloween is a time of year when you can let your creativity run wild, transforming your home into a haunted haven. Whether you’re planning a spooky soirée or simply want to indulge in some eerie ambience, the key lies in your decorations. 

To make your Halloween prep a treat rather than a trick, we’ve rounded up the best places in South Africa where you can find the most bewitching Halloween decorations. This SweepSouth guide should turn your dreamy home into a zombie dreamland.

Where to Get Halloween Decorations In-Store

When it comes to Halloween decor, visiting physical stores can be an exciting adventure. Here are some in-store options to haunt:

1. Party Stores

Pop into your local party supply store, like Party City or Balloons Galore. These shops often have dedicated Halloween sections with a wide variety of decorations, from cobwebs to creepy crawlies.

2. Craft Stores

Retailers like The Crazy Store and Crafters Market offer a range of Halloween craft supplies. You can DIY your decorations or find unique, handcrafted items.

3. Home Decor Retailers 

Stores like Mr Price Home often stock Halloween-themed decor. Check out their seasonal offerings for ghoulish delights.

4. Supermarkets 

As Halloween approaches, supermarkets like Checkers and Pick n Pay typically stock Halloween decorations, particularly in the seasonal aisle.

5. Speciality Costume Shops 

Shops that sell costumes often carry decorations to complement your spooky attire. Below is a list of stores you might want to pop into, located in South Africa’s major cities:


  • Hollywood Costumes – A popular choice with a broad range of costumes.
  • The Costume Cave – Offers a variety of costumes and accessories.
  • Party Spot – While mainly a party supplies store, they also offer a variety of costumes for hire.
  • Magic Makers Costume Hire – Known for its extensive range and vintage costumes.

Cape Town:

  • Masquerade Costume Hire – Located in Pinelands, they have a wide variety of costumes for various occasions.
  • Annie’s Angels Party Shop & Costume Hire – Apart from costumes, they also have a good range of party supplies.
  • Elegantly Elusive – Offers a unique range of costumes, especially for more theatrical needs.
  • Theatreland – Known for their range of theatrical and period costumes.


  • Costume Hire by Sonja – Offers a range of fun and unique costumes.
  • Brook’s Pavilion Costume Hire – Located near the city centre, this store has a variety of choices.
  • Playhouse Company Wardrobe – They offer costume hire services with a focus on theatre-style outfits.
  • Dress Up Costume Hire – Known for a good mix of modern and traditional costumes.

Where to Get Halloween Decorations Online

If you’d rather avoid the shopping apocalypse and get your Halloween decorations or costumes online, here are some options:

1. Party City

A dedicated party supply store like Party City offers an exceptional selection of Halloween decorations. Explore their ghoulish delights, from cobwebs to creepy crawlies.

2. Takealot 

South Africa’s largest online retailer has a vast selection of Halloween decorations. If you prefer online shopping, Takealot is your go-to destination for a wide range of spooky items, from inflatable pumpkins to eerie lighting options.

3. Must Love Party

This South African-based online store specializes in party decorations, making it an excellent choice for Halloween decor. Explore their spooky offerings to elevate your festivities.

4. Party Lady 

Another local online store, Party Lady, offers an array of Halloween decorations and party supplies. Discover their bewitching collection to create a memorable celebration.

5. Etsy

For unique and handmade Halloween decorations, Etsy is a fantastic platform. Browse through a wide range of items crafted by independent sellers to give your home a one-of-a-kind spooky touch.

6. Amazon

While not a South African-based store, Amazon can be a treasure trove for Halloween decorations. Some sellers offer international shipping to South Africa, making it a go-to option for a vast selection.

7. eBay 

Like Amazon, eBay provides access to a wide range of Halloween decorations. Be sure to check for sellers who ship to South Africa to get your hands on spooky decor from around the world.

Tip: Remember that timing is crucial when shopping for Halloween decorations, especially online. Ordering well in advance ensures you have your spooky setup ready for the big day.

A Clean Finish to Your Halloween Delight

Once you’ve gathered your Halloween decorations and transformed your home into a haunted masterpiece, it’s time to enjoy the eerie ambience. But when the festivities are over, and the cobwebs (fake ones, of course) need clearing, consider the convenience of booking a SweepSouth cleaning service

Our platform connects you with vetted, professional cleaners known as SweepStars. They’ll ensure your home returns to its sparkling best, leaving you with more free time to enjoy the season and making life a breeze. Happy Halloween decorating! 

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