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Why We Love SweepSouth: A Celebration of Customer, Staff, and SweepStar Testimonials

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It’s our 9th birthday, and we’re in the mood to celebrate in every way possible! One of those ways is looking back on the past 9 years and reminiscing about the countless ways SweepSouth has filled the hearts of so many with an abundance of happiness. With an impressive track record of over 2 million bookings, we have garnered a reputation for raising the bar of excellence, dependability, and customer contentment, setting us apart as South Africa’s most trusted home services brand. 

From our devoted team of staff to our beloved customers, as well as the exceptionally talented SweepStars, SweepSouth has found a special place in the hearts of many. Come along as we share more about the brand, while also unveiling glimpses of testimonials from those who have relished the remarkable service and formed meaningful connections along the journey to 9 memorable years.

Insights Into Who We Are

Before we hear from the staff, SweepStars, and customers, here’s a quick look at who we are and what we stand for.

1. What We Do

As the leading home services platform in South Africa and Africa, we’re proud to have brought about a remarkable transformation in the industry, offering homeowners a convenient and streamlined means to connect with reliable, vetted service providers. 

With an extensive array of services of both an indoor and outdoor nature, SweepSouth caters to a diverse range of home-related requirements. Our convenient mobile app and seamless website empower customers to effortlessly schedule appointments and efficiently manage their services with just a few simple taps. Whether you’re looking for a one-time, recurring, same-day or express booking, we’ve got your chore and home cleaning needs covered.

2. The Team Ethos

Behind the curtains, the SweepSouth team is proud to contribute unwavering efforts to uphold impeccable quality standards and customer contentment. Comprising of passionate and hard-working individuals, every staff member is deeply committed to providing extraordinary service and support. 

From the heads of the various teams leading with confidence, to the customer support representatives going the extra mile to address customer inquiries, every team member plays a crucial part in establishing SweepSouth as the reputable and adored brand it has become today.

3. Shining SweepStars

The uniqueness and brilliance of SweepSouth extend beyond our staff who work in our office or remotely from around the world. Another key foundation of our platform lies in the remarkable SweepStars – the proficient and proud service providers who bring their expertise and magic touch to every task. SweepStars go through a meticulous selection process before being onboarded to ensure their character is one of commitment and trustworthiness, adhering to the utmost standards of professionalism and service excellence. 

By connecting homeowners with these exceptional individuals, SweepSouth not only enhances households, but also fosters valuable economic prospects for service providers, empowering them to establish their own enterprises and provide for their loved ones.


One of the best ways to measure the success of any brand or company is by looking at its reputation. We’re proud to share, not only the customer journey, but also the staff and SweepStar voices, to build a level of transparency worth investing into. Here’s a word about SweepSouth from the various parties that have helped make us the #1 choice for people all across the nation.

1. Customer Testimonials

2. Staff Testimonials

When asked what they love about SweepSouth, here’s what some of the staff members had to say:

3. SweepStar Testimonials

Here’s what just a handful of the exceptional SweepStars had to say about SweepSouth:


SweepSouth is more than just a home service provider, it’s an establishment loved by people from all walks of life, and we are proud to say that with conviction in our minds and love in our hearts. As staff and SweepStars alike, we are overjoyed by the sight of our 10th year in business, and we promise to hold the SweepSouth name up high by continuing to deliver services of the highest quality.

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