Your Spring Cleaning To-Dos

Work your way through our spring clean checklist to make sure you tick off everything you need to get your home ready for the change in seasons.

Come rain or shine, open up the windows, it’s time to let that fresh new air in, put away those winter warmers that you’ve snuggled up in all winter and breathe new life into our homes after a long winter. The colourful month of spring has finally sprung. Say hello to SPRING! Let’s start this month on a good note and get our home spring ready.

As soon as you hear spring cleaning, it may at first it may seem like a daunting task, trying to get through your whole house and include your outdoor areas, but we’re here to help. The SweepSouth app basically has everything you need for your ultimate spring clean. Work your way through our spring clean checklist to make sure you tick off everything you need to get your home ready for the change in seasons.


  1. Whichever suits your pockets, get your daily, weekly, or monthly cleaning out the way and book a recurring booking with us. We’ll be there when you need us. When scheduling your recurring booking you can save up 28% off your booking, plus, save R35 off every clean.
  2. Once you’ve scheduled your recurring bookings, each week you can start ticking off your necessary to-dos around the house:
    • Open up your windows to welcome in the spring breeze and naturally aerate your home to improve the air quality flushing through. But first, they need to be cleaned. Take this time to add the extra task of interior windows to get your them sparkly clean again and your window sills dusted, as they may be collected some dust and dirt over the winter months.
    • Inspect your kitchen cabinets and pantry for any expired items (there’s no need to deny that you have expired food items, it happens to the best of us). If you don’t have the time or energy to get to this task, you can add inside cabinets to you SweepSouth and a SweepStar will give you a helping hand.
    • Not forgetting your clothing cupboards – it’s time to retire the clothing warmers that you’ve snuggled up to all winter and pull out your spring and summer loves that you’ve been dying to wear again. If you have some items that you wish to donate for someone else to love again, we’ve put together a list of organisations that would greatly appreciate your pre-loved items.
    • At least once a year your interior walls need a good wipe down and we’ve got that task covered. SweepStars know exactly how to get your walls looking new again, so add the extra task to your scheduled booking and we’ll sort this out for you.


Get your outdoor space ready for all your spring pictures and selfies. You definitely need an aesthetically pleasing space for your pictures to be Instagram worthy. Our Outdoor services can give you a hand with this. We’ve listed a few to-dos for you to include in your spring clean checklist:

  1. We’ve experienced rain and wind throughout this winter period, so your gutters around the house could be filled with debris and dry leaves. Clear them out and reattach them should they be sagging.
  2. Take a look around your driveway, walkways or patio area for any weeds that may be growing through the concrete and have them pulled out.
  3. Spruce up your garden, if you are one for a good looking garden are. Run the sprinklers over your grass and plant areas at least twice a week for a crisp green and colourful garden area. Clear your garden of debris, trim your hedges and plan for fresh plant additions. If you an organic herb and veggie-lover, we have veggie kits available on SweepSouth Shop to help you spruce up your garden.
  4. From all the rain and dust, your exterior windows could be a little dirty, but not to worry about this – booking a SweepStar to help clean your exterior windows as an extra task on your outdoor booking. 


Spring is the perfect time to revisit your appliances, lighting and other essentials that may need replacing or fixing. Avoid doing your home maintenance on your own – let’s be honest, something always goes wrong and you are left with an even worst situation than before. Instead, get connected to pros that have been vetted and are reliable, from plumbers, electricians, handymen to painters, all from SweepSouth Connect. We’ve listed a few checkpoints that you can consider when going through your home maintenance:

  1. Do some safety checks on your electrical points such as your plugs and lightening to make sure everything is working correctly. Get an electrician to assist you with anything that may need to be reconnected or fixed.
  2. Inspect your plumbing in your bathroom, kitchen and outdoor tabs for any leaks. If you are faced with an issue regarding your plumber – not too worry, you can get connected to a plumber for assistance. And don’t forget to inspect your geyser too. 
  3. If you are looking to change the look and feel of your interior home? Get connected to a painter to help you add a spark of colour to your interior walls.


Shop all your springtime home essentials from SweepSouth Shop to help you get ready for the month of spring cleaning. We’ve listed some items that you’ll need this season:

  • Fresh Air: add a fresh new scent to your home to make you feel like you’ve just entered into a new season. Airwicks’s range of air fresheners is the go-to this spring.
  • Bug-free: with the spring season comes bugs and inspect galore. Be prepared for them and stock up on Mortein Target’s range for both indoor and outdoor pests.
  • Crisp Clean Laundry: Dr Beckmann and Vanish will give your linen clothing a love they need for this spring. Everybody loves some crisp white bedding and linen and Dr Beckmann and Vanish are here to help you keep them looking brand new.
  • Safe Space: Don’t forget that you need to continuously keep a safe space at home as the COVID-19 pandemic is still present. Ensure that you have a good quality bleach such as JIK and a good surface cleaner for your bathroom and kitchen, such as Dettol




3 thoughts on “Your Spring Cleaning To-Dos

  1. Your dos and donts have left me confused. Right at the beginning of your operation I registered and even phoned to seek clarity. I was told that, you dont clean windows, walls and carpets. It is for this reason that, I have up to now used your services because, I felt that, I,m able to do the ordinary work that you say you do. However, will from time to tine need “a thorough clean. It doesnt seem that our understanding of spring cleaning is the same? Now I read that, you clean walls and windows on the inside? S, do you still dont clean carpets as part of “spring cleaning? what does this mean because you should know that, cleaning a window only on one side is incomplete.

    1. Hi Teboho,

      Thank you for reaching out.

      To provide more clarity regarding the extra tasks we other I have listed more details below:
      Home Cleaning Extra Tasks include:
      – Inside Fridge
      – Inside Oven
      – Inside Cabinets
      – Interior Windows
      You’re welcome to read more about the extra tasks here:

      If you require your exterior windows to be cleaned, this is offered as an extra task from our Outdoor Services. You’re welcome to read more about this here:

      Unfortunately, carpet cleaning is not included in our services. However, you are welcome to connect with a carpet cleaning professional through our SweepSouth Connect app here:

      We hope this provides some clarity. Please do let us know if you have any further questions and we’ll be happy to assist.

      Kind regards,
      SweepSouth Team

      1. I appreciate your clarification. However, it doesn’t make sense especially, your window cleaning – how do you regard cleaning a window inside as cleaning because if the outside is still dirty, which even Carries most of the dirt? I thought I could use your services for spring cleaning which I consider as deep cleaning but you don’t do any of that so it isn’t helpful because actually I do all of my cleaning and it’s due to other pressures that I then need the extra hands. I guess I’ll just continue to do my own cleaning as Sweep south doesn’t seem to provide that kind of service. Thank you

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